Our Approach

Listen, Collaborate, Deliver

We listen because members of our team have addressed similar challenges working in organizations comparable to yours. We collaborate because we appreciate the value of understanding the unique nature of each organization and how this can help us deliver a tailored solution that will help you achieve and exceed your goals.

Our Framework for Nonprofit Success: Positioning You for the Future

Framework for Nonprofit Success

DSA developed a Framework for Nonprofit Success to illustrate the key elements necessary for a nonprofit to successfully meet its mission and achieve sustainable growth. The DSA framework is an integrated approach to improving organizational effectiveness based on years of experience working with nonprofits of all sizes as well as national best practices. No matter the duration or the size of the engagement, we aim to position our clients for long-term success. With our experience and expertise, we are able to understand the key elements critical to the smooth operation of nonprofits and provide effective, creative and affordable solutions to their problems.